Taejongdae Resort Park

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Located at the southernmost end of the Yeongdo Coast, Taejongdae was named after King Taejong Muyeol of the Silla Period who often visited the area, and was very impressed with its magnificent coastal view. Although Busan is well-known for beaches, this is the only beach that offers a superb open view toward the sea. On clear days, you may have a chance to see Tsushima Island of Japan.

Danubi Train : Let’s look around the entire resort park in comfort by taking a ride on the Danubi Train. Take in views of Jagal Madang, Gumyeongsa and Taejongsa Temples, as well as the area’s observatory and lighthouse.

INFORMATION Fares (30 persons or more)

Adults 3,000KRW (2,400KRW), Youth 2,000KRW (1,600KRW), Children 1,500KRW(1,200KRW)

Source : Busan Tourism Organization / Korea Tourism Organization


Total 99,999,999원