This is Alianon, a healthy restaurant with the Mediterranean Spanish olive brand LA CHINATA Gourmet.

"Alianon" is a combination of Aliment, which means food ingredients, and "Trianon," a space where one can spend leisurely time as a separate house for the Palace of Versailles.

Due to the logo that symbolizes the four Aliment, Alianon presents four typical items as a course meal.
Roosters represent steaks, fish are seafood dishes, grapes are wine, wheat is bread.

In addition, you can enjoy a healthy meal in collaboration with LA CHINATA Gourmet products that use extra virgin olive oil, which is harvested by hand and extracted in a cold-pressed manner within 24 hours.

It operates on a pre-booking system.



Premium course meal + Dessert bar

LUNCH COURSE A + Dessert Bar 39,000(Click!)
6 Course + Dessert Bar for Chicken Steak

LUNCH COURSE B + Dessert Bar 48,000(Click!)
6 Course + Dessert Bar for Tenderloin steak or Salmon steak(choose 1)

DINNER COURSE + Special Dessert Bar 65,000(Click!)
7 Course + Special Dessert Bar for Tenderloin steak or Lambchop or Salmon steak(choose 1)
At the special dessert bar, You can enjoy salad, fruit, juice, coffee, olive tea, and bread
with gambas, pork ribs, chop steaks, and cheese.

*The cost of dessert bars from preschoolers over 48 months to 10 years old 
: Lunch 12,000 Dinner 17,000

Takeout menu

Oven pizza(Arugula / Gorgonzola) 20,000
Gambas & Handmade bread 25,000
Top quality tenderloin steak & Chicken Salad  57,900
(Tenderloin steak 39,900 / Chicken Salad 18,000)
*10% off for room guests


  • Location 3 floor of La Valse Hotel (The only takeout is available)
  • Seats 148 seats(individual room with 16 seats)
  • Operation hours Lunch (Thu-Sun) 11:30-14:30 (Last Order 13:30)
    Dinner (Thu-Sun) 17:30-21:00 (Last Order 19:30)
    (Closing every Monday-Wednesday / Pre-booking system)
  • Reservation +82-51-790-1542
  • SNS Alianon Instagram direct link



Total 99,999,999원