Alianon is La Valse Hotel's highest quality restaurant aspiring towards Europe's Gastronomy concept and single-person plate (amuse).
You can savour a diverse range of cookeries of healthy tastes laden with sophisticated modern French style designs and fresh food ingredients.
Suitable for a variety of small parties and meeting places such as first birthday parties and reception (Banquet Inquiries +82 51-790-1522).



  • Location 3 floor of La Valse Hotel (Takeout & dining in the hall are available)
    ※ If the event is held, only takeout is allowed.
  • Seats 148 seats(individual room with 16 seats)
  • Operation hours 16:00 - 22:00
     ※Breakfast is available at the Lavalse Sky Cafe (28F).
  • Reservation +82-51-790-1542
  • SNS Alianon Instagram direct link


  Wood Fired Pizza Chicken Sashimi Set Cube tenderloin steak and French fries Old style tteokbokki and Shrimp Tempura
Price 19,000KRW Bones 25,000KRW
Pure meat
40,000KRW 28,000KRW 20,000KRW
Taste · Margherita
· Pepperoni
· Garlic Snowing
· Spicy Mara
· Kung Pao Style

※ Room Guests and Sky Cafe users can enjoy 20% off.
※ If the event is held, only takeout is allowed.


  • The price includes taxes.
  • Opening hours and prices are subject to change depending on the restaurant situation
    during the peak seasons and the end-of-year holiday periods.


Total 99,999,999원