Gukje Market

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It is an enormous market located in Nampo-dong, which can be roughly divided into several subsections, such as Food Street, Youth Street, Everything Street, Arirang Street, and Vintage Street. It is also known as “Dottegi Market.” “Dottegi Market” refers to a disorderly, bustling, and unusual flea market where people used to sell off second-hand goods and junk at wholesale, retail, or under the table prices. The name originated from the fact that when Japanese people rushed back home following the independence of Korea, their leftover belongings went up for bidding. It has been said that there were lucky people who received a financial windfall at that time. One more thing to keep in mind is that this place is known as the heaven of snacks because each cranny is full of street snacks, including spicy glass noodles, sweet red bean porridge, and spicy rice cakes.

Metro Line 1 at Jagalchi Station(Exit7) ▶Walk 400 meters toward Kukje Market

Kukje Market Co-op : (051)245-7389 /

Source : Busan Tourism Organization / Korea Tourism Organization


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