Taejongdae Recreational Park

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Good day, this is La Valse Hotel!
 La Valse Hotel is currently providing 'Benz Tour in Yeongdo with La Valse Hotel'!
 We will be introducing one of the major attractions in the tour route.
Yeongdo: the gorgeous Taejongdae Recreational Park!

Taejongdae Recreational Park
Address: 부산광역시 영도구 전망로 258
Open Hours: Summer season(March~ October) 4AM~ midnight everyday
Winter season(November~ February) 5AM~  midnight everyday
Entrance to Taejongdae Recreational Park
 The Benz chauffeur dropped us off at the entrance of the amusement park. The park restricts transportation until 6PM so we travelled to the park by foot.
 The Danubi Train greeted us in front of the entrance! Unfortunately, we cannot ride the train and had to walk a little bit more.
 The tourist information center was on the right side. Colorful flowers welcomed us as we continued to walk past the entrance.
As shown below, the Danubi Train awaits for visitors to ride on!
The Taejongdae  Danubi Train allows visitors to comfortably weave in and out of the park. The price varies, but there is a special charm of touring an attraction on a train.
It is a first come first serve service so there is a tent for those who are waiting for the next train. Tickets are purchased at a nearby booth!

Taejongdae  Danubi Train Fares
Adults- 3,000won
Teenager(Age 14~19)- 2,000won
Children(Age 5~13)- 1,500won
(A group of 30 people will receive a 20percent discount from original fare)
Ticket booth open hours- 9AM~ 5:30PM
Train operating hours- 9:20AM~ 5:30PM
Trains operate on 15 minute intervals.

 Travelling through the park will take an hour, but it will only take 20 to 25 minutes with the Danubi Train.
 An electric signboard in front of the ticket booth indicates the train schedule. Visitors may check their ticket to see when their assigned trains are coming!
 Passengers are waiting under the tent from the blazing sun! Since the train seatings are assigned to the tickets, there is no need to wait in line.
The bloggers are boarding their trains!
The first stop is the observatory. Those who don't want to sightsee the observatory may stay on the train and head on to the next destination. Those who drop off on the observatory will have to take the next train.
This picture was taken near the Taejongdae  observatory, the road which the train drove through to be exact. Isn't the view clam and alluring?
 We were amazing how many excellent photo zones there were nearby the observatory.

Taejongdae Observatory Rest Area
Address- 부산 영도구 전망로 209
Contact number- 051-403-7775

Located in the middle of the train route and on top of a unique cliff, visitors may see Oryukdo Islands(오륙도) face front and even the Daemado(대마도) on the end of the horizon.
 It is facing the open sea on top of the protuded boulder named Suicide Boulder(자살바위) and it has been operated by the Busan Tourism Organization since 2016.
Taejongdae  Observatory Layout
 Starting from the Observatory Rest Area, the food court and cafes are in the first basement floor. Emart 24, convenience stores, and Busan Fish Cakes(부산어묵) on the first floor, and the ocean lounge on the second floor offers a great sightseeing area.
Shall we head to the second floor of the observatory?
The grand sea overwhelmed us with its powerful and magnificent presence! The endless azure hue was a sight to behold...
 The entire second floor is open wide, allowing visitors to enjoy and capture the oceanview of Taejongdae .  There is a cafe nearby so visitors may nibble on sweets as they watch the grand sea.
 Like any other cafes, it offers tea, juice, smoothies at affordable prices for everyone to enjoy!
 Busan Fish Cakes and Emart24 are on the first floor. Although Busan Fish Cakes doesn't accept credit cards, you can make the purchase in Emart24 and receive your order from Busan Fish Cakes. As they say, 'When in Busan, do as the Busanians do.' So we watched the beautiful sea munching on some delicious fish cakes.
Next to the entrance to the observatory, there is a nice photo zone adorned with flowers!
The Road to Taejongsa Temple.
Next stop is Taejongsa Temple! If you have taken to get to the observatory, the next train is available. However, with the pleasant weather, we decided to walk.
It is only 700 meters away from the observatory and there were many others who walked to Taejongsa Temple.
Taejongsa Temple
Address: 부산 영도구 전망로 119
Contact number: 051-405-2626

Taejongsa Temple entrance
 The Hydrangea Flower Festival opens from June to July near the entrance. The flowers that bloom during the festival are said to be very pretty. The firefly festival is also held nearby in June which is a rare experience to those living in the city.
 Compared to the observatory, Taejongsa Temple is small in scale and isolated. However, visitors may sightsee the abundant blooming hydrangea flowers with the monks who reside nearby during blooming season.
 This scene is across from Taejongsa Temple. What a glorious scene.
We are so excited how divine the scene will be during the season when hydrangea flower begins to bloom!

 Last year's 13th Hydrangea Flower Cultural Festival was held from June 30th to July 8th for nine days. Flower photo zones, flower street performances, ice buckwheat noodles(냉면) eateries, art flea markets, and more will await visitors on the 14th Hydrangea Flower Cultural Festival!
Even the road out from the park was gorgeous!
 It is no wonder why this park has been recommended so much.
 Walking casually with amazing views from all directions, it truly is the best place to visit in Yeongdo.
 It only takes 23 minutes by car from La Valse Hotel to Taejongdae Recreational Park.
 Hotel guests may sign up for the free Benz Tour which also takes guests to Hyuinnyeoul village!

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