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We have countless fantastic places to tour nearby La Valse Hotel!
Today, we would like to introduce you to Huinnyeoul Culture Village, one of the major attractions that is in the Benz Tour route.
Busans' Huinnyeoul Culture Village is akin to Greece's Santorini. The beauty between the white bricks and open sea creates a stunning scenery.
 Due to the beautiful appeal, multiple of films such as Lawyer(변호인), First Love Strikes(첫사랑궐기사수대회), War Against Crime(범죄와의 전쟁) and TV shows like Battle Trip(배틀트립), Superman is Back(슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다) have all soaked their cameras into the beauty of Huinnyeoul Culture Village.
 Huinnyeoul Culture Village is larger than expected, and it attracts a lot of tourists and locals alike. We will begin this introduction by walking down the stairs and then to the well-known Manmeori Stairs(맏머리계단).

This is the entrance where the Benz tour chauffeur dropped us off! The sign board indicating the village entrance filled our hearts with excitement!
 Next to the sign is a staircase down to Huinnyeoul Culture Village where the real tour starts! The houses next to the staircase are all occupied by its residents and the vintage look is very eye catching! Anyone can already see the charm of Huinnyeoul Culture Village just by its first impressions~
 The open sea greets the visitors of the village at the bottom of the stairs. Isn't the picture of the open Busan sea scenery absolutely stunning? Hungry for gorgeous pictures that attracts likes and follows, young people are seen left and right holding their selfie sticks and phones searching for the best angle for the perfect picture. In this manner, Huinnyeoul Culture Village is similar to Gamcheon Culture Village but it has more surprises up its sleeves.

The appeal of Manmeori Stairs starts with the adorable blue sign post that goes well with the color of the sea on the background. The way to the Manmeori Stairs seems to have some construction going on. I wonder what new artistic charm they are going to add this time?

Visitors may view the Namhangdaegyo Bridge upfront which gives a more dynamic feeling compared to seeing it from our La Valse Hotel. As we continue the tour towards the right, the Manmeori Stairs are now in sight with flowers blooming around it!

 There are a lot more stairs than you would think, and they are steep. Do be careful when climbing them! Unfortunately, the flowers won't catch you if you fall, but their pretty presence adds to the beauty of the stairs. The Camellia flowers were especially pretty, and we happened to pick one fallen off from a tree. Isn't the harmony of the red flower hue and blue sea beautiful beyond description? A terrific photo zone that encapsulates the Busan sea has appeared on the end of the stairs!

 I was not aware of this, but there is a changing room for female divers in Huinnyeoul Culture Village. This means that actual female divers work here, and it was interesting to imagine women changing into diving suits to gather delicious seafood early in the dusk.
Now that we are here, shouldn't we try to get close as much as we can to the sea?
Even in a motionless picture, anyone can see the waves crashing to the cliff. Isn't sublime?
 One of the special charms Huinnyeoul Culture Village has in its sleeves is the fact that visitors may snack on seafood right off from the sea! These sea cucumbers and sea squirts were gathered early in the morning and are presented before visitors who wish to have a bite!

 Like a cat enchanted by catnip, I immediately headed towards the seafood stall.
The affordable seafood were personally and professionally handled by the stall owner!
 The delightful food is served on a traditional old-school plate which just adds up to the old-school charm of this village. The villages has much more to offer to its visitors, but we will be summing up the tour with the seafood and scenery of Huinnyeoul Culture Village.

 We see the blue signpost of Manmeori Stairs again as we make our way to the right where the information center and a traditional convenience store are located which also serves as the trendiest place for SNS users and photographers. 
We walked to the observatory after climbing up the Manmeori Stairs. The observatory in Huinnyeoul Culture Village is the ideal place to witness the entire village in a single sight and engrave its entire beauty in photos.
 Just look at the sea... One can see the power and beauty behind those waves and layers of blue. We climbed up the observatory and with this scenery, how can we not take pictures?

The friends of the blog author posed themselves as professionally as they could for the photos. We were embarrassed when we posed, but I guess we can learn a thing or two about courage from these friends.

 The short portion of the tour ends with the Manmeori Stairs, observatory, and the scene at the bottom of the stairs. A place where visitors can marvel at the vast sea, the old school charm of traditional Busan, and take beautiful photos from any angles… These are the essence of Huinnyeoul Culture Village!!
To top it all off, it's only a 10 minute ride from La Valse hotel!

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