ALIANON is a healthy restaurant with LA CHINATA Gourmet, a Mediterranean Spanish olive brand.

ALIANON is derived from aliment meaning food and trianon, a space of an annex of the Palace of Versailles where you can spend leisurely time 

Based on the logo that symbolizes the four aliment, ALIANON offers four representative items for a course dish.
The rooster represents steak, fish represents seafood, grapes represent wine and wheat represents bread.

You can also enjoy a healthy meal in collaboration with LA CHINATA Gourmet products that use extra virgin olive oil harvested by hand and cold-pressed within 24 hours.

Meet ALIANON now through a reservation.



Premium Course Dish + Dessert Bar

LUNCH COURSE A + Dessert Bar 59,000(Click!)
6 Course + Dessert Bar where you can enjoy chicken steak

LUNCH COURSE B + Dessert Bar 69,000(Click!)
6 Course + Dessert Bar where you can enjoy top-quality tenderloin / raw salmon steak (choice 1)

DINNER COURSE + Special Dessert Bar 85,000(Click!)
7 Course + Special Dessert Bar where you can enjoy top-quality tenderloin / lamb ribs / raw salmon steak (choice 1)
You can enjoy salads, fruits, juices, coffee, olive tea, and even bread at the special dessert bar
with gambas, pork ribs, chop steak and cheese.

*Dessert Bar fee for preschoolers aged from 48 months to 10 years old or below children
: Lunch 14,000 Dinner 17,000

Takeout menu

Oven pizza(Arugula / Gorgonzola) 20,000
Gambas & Handmade bread 25,000
Top quality tenderloin steak & Chicken Salad  57,900
(Tenderloin steak 39,900 / Chicken Salad 18,000)
*10% discount applied to hotel guests


  • Location 3 floor of La Valse Hotel
  • Seats 148 seats (private room for 16 people)
  • Operation hours Lunch (Thu-Sun) 11:30-14:30 (Last Order 13:30)
    Dinner (Thu-Sun) 17:30-21:00 (Last Order 19:30)
    (Closed every Monday-Wednesday / Reservation required)
  • Reservation center operation hours Thursday-Sunday 11:00-21:00
  • Reservation +82-51-417-1542
  • SNS Alianon Instagram direct link



Total 99,999,999원